Personal Fundraising Terms of Service

Personal Fundraising Terms of Service

Last updated: February 2, 2021

The following Personal Fundraising Terms (the Terms) apply when using the features (a Personal Fundraising Functionality) that Ibau makes available to raise and collect funds (Donations) from users of the Ibau (Donors) for personal causes.

1. General Terms

1. If we detect activity that negatively affects the platform, we may block or restrict access to the Personal Fundraising Features;

2. You can only create fundraising or collect donations if you are at least 18 years old and live in a country where we offer Personal Fundraising Features;

3. Upon request, you agree to provide Ibau with any information associated with your use of the Personal Fundraising Features.

2. Restrictions

1. Follows the Personal Fundraising Categories Policy;

2. You can only use the Personal Fundraising Features for personal, family or household purposes;

3. Do not seek or accept compensation for using the Personal Fundraising Features;

4. Do not offer or provide perks, rewards or titles to Donors in exchange for Donations;

5. Do not use the Personal Fundraising Features to raise funds for non-profit organizations, charities or political purposes;

6. Do not suggest that Donations will be tax deductible;

7. Do not use Personal Fundraising Features to attempt to raise funds for activities, entities or individuals in a region or country subject to comprehensive U.S. sanctions legislation. If you do, you will be in breach of applicable laws regarding trade sanctions in the US or other countries.

3. Ibau Positions and Payment Processor

1. Ibau does not process the payment of Donations. Payments will be processed by a third party payment processor (the Payment Processor) subject to the Payment Processor terms, which cover the right to suspend or place reservations on Donations and claim funds in the event of refunds or refunds of debts . Ibau does not control or guarantee payments or the respective dates;

2. Ibau may block or restrict the use of the Personal Fundraising Functionalities if the Payment Processor so requests;

3. Ibau has a customer support service for the Personal Fundraising Functionalities and can communicate with the Payment Processor on your behalf or ask you to contact the same directly to solve certain problems. Ibau is not responsible for any disputes between you and the Payment Processor;

4. Ibau may add or change the Payment Processor at any time. You agree to transfer your payment account and underlying funds to the Payment Processors designated by Ibau, in order to continue to use the Personal Fundraising Features.

4. Create a Fundraiser and Receive Funds

1. If you create a fundraiser, you are solely responsible for resolving any disputes between you and the other parties involved in a fundraiser. Ibau reserves the right, but not the obligation, to help resolve such disputes;

2. You must use Donations for the purpose indicated in your fundraising. You undertake to assume responsibility to Donors for any misleading fundraising or misuse of funds;

3. The Payment Processor will keep Donations for all your fundraising in one account. If this account has a negative balance, the Payment Processor may use future Donations to replenish the negative balance.

5. Fees Donation recipients are responsible for a donation fee of 8%. None of the fees are refundable and do not include value added tax or similar taxes (VAT), nor do they include taxes based on your Country and Donation Receipts for which you may be responsible for paying (Ibau is not responsible for any tax or VAT from your country). In addition to the Donation Fee, the Payment Processor may charge other types of fee, as indicated in the Payment Processor Terms.

6. The 3rd

1. We provide tools to report problems you may have with third parties while using the Personal Fundraising Features, including suspected fraud. However, to clarify and as indicated in the Terms of Use, we are not responsible for third parties who use the Personal Fundraising Features;

2. The Personal Fundraising Categories Policy is provided for your convenience only and is not a guarantee. You will not be able to count on Ibau to determine if a fundraiser is properly classified in an allowed category.

7. Taxes We do not provide tax advice and it is your responsibility to assess, collect, report and pay the correct taxes, if any, to the appropriate tax authority. As a rule, Donations made through the Personal Fundraising Functions are not tax deductible under applicable law. Consult an accountant if you have questions.

8. Ibau Terms of Use The Personal Fundraising Features are part of the Ibau Products in accordance with the Terms of Use. The Terms continue to apply to your use of the Personal Fundraising Features and any other use. from Ibau. Without prejudice to the foregoing, you agree that the clauses in the Section entitled Conflicts in the Terms of Use apply to these Terms, your use of the Personal Fundraising Features and your interaction with Donors. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and the Terms of Use, these Terms govern your use of the Personal Fundraising Features within the scope of the conflict. We may change or update these Terms at any time, as we deem necessary, without notice and to the maximum extent permitted by law. These Terms will expire in the event of termination of the Terms of Use, but the following clauses will continue to apply: the opening paragraph and Sections 1.3, 2.3, 2.4, 2.6, 3.1, 3.3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.