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Onik is the best FREE, UNLIMITED, high-speed Android VPN proxy. It's highly secure, with military-grade encryption, so you can safely browse public, commercial, private, and school networks.Play your favorite games...Improve ping.Unlock inaccessible sites and censored or blocked.




In general:
Just one click to have your secure connection quickly
Multiple dedicated high-speed VPN servers
Unlimited bandwidth usage for streaming and downloading
Untested VPN - Free unlimited VPN
No need to register
Stable connection anywhere - at home and abroad

You regain your freedom:
Unrestricted access to all content and all sites, including blocked sites
Private anonymous browsing when encapsulating traffic with super protection
No IP restrictions or prohibitions
Ultra-fast VPN speeds for incredibly fast connections
VPN Hotspot Protection, a security application for hotspot protection
Ignore firewall restrictions wherever you are and wherever you want ★ Website proxy
against all existing forms of censorship
Express VPN speeds, increase your VPN whenever
It's like private internet access, a free, unlimited super VPN


Security with Onik:
Get a new and invigorating VPN with fake IP and make your IP disappear in a magic
Traffic encryption with military-grade cybersecurity
Encrypted secure DNS to prevent it from being spied on
Connections protected against DNS and IP leakage
No storage of traffic logs, it's a perfect private browsing VPN
Get a new and invigorating VPN with fake IP and make your IP

Other cases to use our super fast VPN;
A simple and quick way to add an extra layer of security to your privacy at various
Can use on your school's Wi-Fi to get around content blocking or restrictions
Use on public networks to avoid losing such important personal data
Protect yourself from harmful applications that collect your IP and track your location
data with geoIP and other tactics
Watch videos, series and movies through a VPN proxy
Unlock Netflix VPN, Youtube VPN or Vimeo VPN video sites and more
Unlock access to social networking sites with VPN for Instagram, VPN for Snapchat,
VPN for Twitter, Facebook, Woow, Dols and more
Quickly unlock VoIP messaging apps with our VPN for Skype and Viber, VPN for
WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, among others

In which countries can I use Onik?
You can use Onik anywhere. We do not limit its unlimited use. we have dozens of servers in various locations, a VPN for Asia, a VPN for Europe, a VPN for South America and a VPN for the Middle East super fast.

VPN works anywhere in the world!

Locations are available:
VPN United States
VPN Brazil
VPN Spain
VPN United Kingdom
VPN Canada
VPN Switzerland
VPN Russia
VPN Germany
VPN Denmark
VPN France
VPN Australia
VPN Argentina
VPN Hong Kong
VPN Indonesia
VPN Ireland
VPN India
VPN Italy
VPN Japan
VPN Mexico
VPN Netherlands
VPN Norway
VPN Romania
VPN Sweden
VPN Singapore
VPN Swaziland
VPN Turkey
VPN Ukraine

Other reasons to use a VPN:

The great appeal of using a VPN is the idea of protecting your privacy. You will start to surf the Internet in a more protected way and, in the view of the sites and services you visit, it would be as if you access the network from another place in the world.
This, therefore, helps you not to be the target of aggressive advertising, calculated based on your browsing habits. In addition, VPN strengthens the level of protection of your data while browsing, making tracking your behavior within websites more difficult.

VOIP, or Voice-over-IP, is an inexpensive way to make calls over the Internet. But VOIP services can be hacked by attackers who have a good understanding of the architecture of the Internet. These cases are a good reason to use a VPN service, which can be very useful.

VPN offers a layer of security protection. The service can contribute to the prevention of malware attacks and other virtual pests on devices.

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